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Mobile app as a medical device - Vitadio

Mobile app as a medical device

Lifestyle changes are the most important step in preventing type 2 diabetes and an integral part of its treatment. There are nearly 100,000 lifestyle change apps of varying quality in app stores around the world. Vitadio is one of the few apps that takes a rigorous scientific approach and translates the official recommended practices for lifestyle modification in diabetes treatment into digital form. The effects of Vitadio are being rigorously studied in a series of clinical trials with prestigious partners to provide effective, safe, customized care for patients with diabetes.

Mobile app as a medical device - Vitadio

Health in your own hands

We do not aim to count carbs but to create sustainable healthy habits. The principles and therapeutic practices embedded in the psychology of change, habit formation and motivational interviewing help us do this. Based on proven science and data, we seek the right path for each user to help them take control of their health.

Health in your own hands - Vitadio

Vitadio fights diabetes at all stages


More than 50% of Europeans are above a healthy body weight. Obesity is the most serious risk factor for the development of (not only) diabetes.


Prediabetes affects approximately 32 million Europeans, most of whom are unaware of it. It can take several years without detection to develop into diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is one of the most widespread diseases - about one in ten people in Europe alone suffer from it. The large number of complications also makes diabetes one of the most expensive diagnoses.

We explore the digital footprint of users

We learn to recognize the connection between users' behavior in the application and the development of their self-management. This is the only way we can provide each person with personalized guidance based on a combination of automated interactions and well-timed support from a therapist.

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Vitadio seamlessly integrates behavioural, psychological and clinical data as well as information on interactions with the app. The unique set of inputs serves as a basis for truly personalized care.


Internal team of data scientists, clinicians and psychologists work together to translate data into actionable insights. The platform measures patient’s response and iterates towards the most effective approach.


Vitadio delivers personalized support at the right time via the right channel. Proactive support of a registered dietitian via chat, interactive courses, daily to-do list and notifications are tailored to achieve optimal health outcomes.

ongoing clinical research


Digital interventions for lifestyle modification in type 2 diabetics and prediabetics

More than 75% of the participants achieved a reduction in body weight (by an average of 3.4 kg) and waist circumference (by an average of 4.3 cm). Users also reported greater confidence in managing their diabetes, more physical activity and an overall improvement in lifestyle.

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The effectiveness of a digital therapeutic on the change of metabolic parameters in the treatment and prevention of diabetes

In an ongoing randomised clinical trial, we are comparing the effect of a digitally delivered lifestyle modification intervention with intensive face-to-face education delivered in a specialist clinic as part of a guided weight loss programme.

University hospital Olomouc


Evaluating the impact of Vitadio on HbA1c in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in daily practice

In an ongoing study, we are investigating the effect of using Vitadio between physician visits on glycated hemoglobin levels and self-management in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Dresden University of Technology


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What do the collaborating doctors say?

MUDr. Jana Houdová Diabetes clinic Česká Lípa

„I’m glad my patients can use Vitadio program. It doesn’t promise miraculous weight loss, miraculous food or supplements, but it works on gradual changes in patients’ habits that are permanent. I found that majority of my patients signed to the program had better insulin compensations and weight loss (1–10 kg). I’m happy about the results of my patients and I would like to recommend the program to other patients with diabetes mellitus.“

MUDr. Gabriela Švrčková Diabetological clinic Skalica

"What I appreciate about the app is that it consistently motivates and encourages patients to learn. For example, new lessons are continuously opened up to patients, followed by different tasks and goals. Just reading them causes patients to remember something and think more about their health. The materials are written in a clear and practical way with an emphasis on getting the point across, without useless chatter. I see a lot of potential with Vitadio, especially with younger, obese patients with metabolic syndrome who often don't show up for education sessions."