Let's work on something that matters

Imagine to work on a meaningful digital product, that empowers people with chronic conditions to live healthier and happier lives.

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Meaningful work - Vitadio
Let's work on something that matters - Vitadio
Meaningful work - Vitadio

Empowering people to take control of their health

A desire for meaningful change is often rooted in personal experience. Vitadio was brought to life in 2019, driven by the first-hand encounters of all four founders with how significantly can type 2 diabetes upend lives. Nowadays, not only is Vitadio a proven and engaging app but also a clinically validated digital therapeutic and Class I medical device.

Its uniqueness lies in individual treatment based on a proprietary AI model supported by in-house health coaches. With Vitadio, people can build and maintain beneficial daily habits and get the guidance and support for managing and even overcoming type 2 diabetes.

Meet our team

About 45 team members are currently split between our headquarters in Prague and Berlin, and we are always looking to add new talents. Although an authentic and diverse bunch, all of our employees are motivated by a singular goal: to make a real and positive impact on people’s lives.

Our prague office - Vitadio

Our values

At Vitadio, we strive to live by our values every single day. They are not just empty phrases but a commitment to provide the best possible experience for everyone who works with us.

We are authentic

We know who we are and we believe in being true to ourselves. Being authentic is not easy: authenticity is a brave and deliberate choice. We have chosen to be honest, aware of our true intentions and diligent in pursuing authenticity in each small decision that we have to make every day. Authenticity enables us to build trust and stay consistent over time.

We act with respect

We create an environment for everyone to feel welcome and heard, without judgment and with respect to our personal life and priorities. A place to show the genuine and inspired you where you enjoy spending time and proudly so. Only with mutual respect, we can combine our unique perspectives to create value for the users and succeed in the market.

We are pathfinders

Curiosity fuels our way of working. Empowering people to pursue their ideas is in our DNA. We accept challenges to explore new avenues without the fear of failure. Knowing that innovation is not a straight path, we act confidently, take ownership, and learn from our mistakes. We always have each other’s back. This way, our business can thrive even in the dynamic and quickly developing environment.

We are efficient

We shoot for the moon with feet planted firmly on the ground. Being aware of our resources, we constantly strive for finding the most efficient way to reach our goals. We are pragmatic. We plan, execute and evaluate. Being honest in identifying our own gaps and challenging them is our daily bread. Work must be fulfilling and that's possible only if it makes sense.

We offer more than a job

Our company culture revolves around providing a supportive and encouraging environment. To achieve that, we offer a wide range of benefits to help all of our employees thrive.

We offer more than a job - Vitadio
Flexible working time & place approach

At Vitadio, all colleagues are encouraged to take ownership of their work schedules. By empowering people to develop team agreements that allow us all to work when and where it suits us best, we cultivate an environment that values autonomy and accountability.

Always modern tech stack

We understand that technology is critical to your effectiveness, which is why we provide you with an advanced and cutting-edge tech stack that not only empowers you to work smarter but also ensures that we remain agile and secure as a company, no matter what challenges we face.

Health benefits package

Boost your health! We support your sports activities, offer healthy snacks, and provide nutritional advisory packages to keep you at your best.

Modern hardware

We want you to have the best technology available. Whether you prefer to own your own device or lease one through us, we have options that work for everyone.

Extra paid vacation

We ensure that you have the time and resources to pursue your own passions and recharge your batteries by offering you extra paid vacation time as a reward for your commitment and dedication to our company's mission. The longer you work with us, the more vacation time you'll accrue.

Want to know more about working at Vitadio?

Take a look at what our colleagues say about us.

5.0 rating

Ivanka Nováková

„Když mě má lékařka zařadila do programu Vitadio, nevěděla jsem, co mám očekávat. Byla jsem ale mile překvapená, a hlavně jsem zjistila, že na mě skutečně dokonale funguje každodenní dohled.

Current Employee
  • work efficiency without unnecessary bureaucracy
  • the opportunity to focus fully on work in your area of ​​expertise
  • time flexibility and independence
  • great management and employee care ...
Katka Brodská

„Když mě má lékařka zařadila do programu Vitadio, nevěděla jsem, co mám očekávat. Byla jsem ale mile překvapená, a hlavně jsem zjistila, že na mě skutečně dokonale funguje každodenní dohled.

meet our team

Vitadio isn’t just a job, it’s a chance to make a real difference. Sure, it's demanding, but seeing people get healthier makes it so worth it. After all, you’re helping folks make changes that can improve their day-to-day lives. It’s not just about showing up at the office, it’s about being part of something that matters.

Meet our team - Vitadio
Ondřej Tomeš Head of Marketing

I really enjoy being part of Vitadio, the whole team is a pleasure to work with. My co-workers are social, knowledgeable and caring. My opinion and input are always valued and I am allowed to speak my mind. What I also love is being a part of something bigger that truly makes a difference for many.

Meet our team - Vitadio
Kijana Jahanseir Customer Success Specialist

At Vitadio, we trust each other and thus create the fundamental basis for authentic, functioning and successful cooperation in the team.

Meet our team - Vitadio
Annika Hertel Team Leader of Dietitians

I'm grateful for the very unique opportunity to work for Vitadio, where I'm part of a project that doesn't just talk, but really changes people's lives. And that makes me proud and very committed to be a part of our shared mission.

Meet our team - Vitadio
Lukáš Raveane Graphic designer
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