We help prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes

Scalable support of a registered dietitian and evidence-based digital programme.

Behaviour change that lasts

Vitadio is a digital programme created by medical doctors, psychologists and nutrition specialists with the aim to stop and reverse metabolic diseases using behavioural therapy.

Making care accessible

Vitadio helps patients sustainably manage weight, control glucose levels and improve quality of life. Our unique combination of technology and human contact enables providing high-touch personalized care at scale. Accessible conveniently via phone and computer.

How it works

Testimonials and case studies

Věra, 54 years

“I’ve had diabetes for more than 13 years and I’ve never made myself live healthier. My dietitian Irena was a great source of support and motivation for me. I felt much better after a few weeks in Vitadio programme. I’m a cleaning lady and work that took me 4 hours before takes 3 hours now. Also, I sleep much better and feel more energy.”

Weight loss -11 kg
HbA1c -12 mmol/mol
Waist circumference -10 cm
Data after 3 months of therapy.

One dynamic programme that fits individual needs

Our digital programme is designed to effectively support patients who are at risk or living with type 2 diabetes.

Prediabetes Read more
  • 32 million Europeans have prediabetes.
  • Most of them are not aware of the condition.
  • Without intervention, it's likely to become type 2 diabetes within 10 years.
  • Our evidence-based programme can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 71 %.
Type 2 Diabetes Read more
Type 2 Diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes accounts for 95 % of diabetes cases.
  • Only 6.5 % of diabetic patients reach their combined therapy goals resulting in frequent complications.
  • Average annual medical costs of European patient with diabetes is 2 800€ higher compared to a non-diabetic patient.
  • Vitadio is designed to lower the medication and reduce the risk of severe complications.
Obesity Read more
  • In Europe, 50 % of the population is overweight and 21 % is obese (WHO).
  • Obesity dramatically increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Vitadio aims to achieve significant weight-loss of 8 % body weight in the majority of users.

Healthcare professionals behind Vitadio

We employ experienced, highly educated dietitians who support patients according to evidence-based guidelines. Our team takes care of the individual needs of each patient and tailors the therapy to their characteristics.

Are you a nutritional therapist? Join us.