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Improve patients’ cardiometabolic health effectively and sustainably

Vitadio’s digital therapeutics help partners deliver effective lifestyle interventions for the costliest diseases at scale.


32 million Europeans have prediabetes which will likely become Type 2 diabetes within 10 years. Most are not aware of the condition.

Type 2 Diabetes

Average annual medical costs of a European patient with diabetes are 2 800 € higher compared to a non-diabetic patient.


In Europe, 50% of the population is overweight and 21 % is obese (WHO). Obesity dramatically increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Hypertension in pipeline

Hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases that cause nearly 50% of all deaths in populations of industrialized countries aged 35-64 years.

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Bottlenecks of traditional healthcare

The use of behavioral therapy to directly target behaviors that cause the disease is a fundamental aspect of diabetes care. Effective therapy requires continuous care but our health system is not organized to provide comprehensive behavioral therapy at the scale needed.

Annual diabetes related expenditures in Europe

2010 2019 €60 bn €90 bn €120 bn €150 bn €180 bn €105 bn €161 bn
1 in 6 Suffer from type 2 diabetes or prediabetes
40% Patients are undiagnosed

Source: International Diabetes Federation

Scaling human support with technology

We believe the relationship with a caregiver is a crucial part of sustainable change. Vitadio employs data science, proactive care and own methodology based on well-established therapeutic approaches to enhance caregivers instead of replacing them. Our technology delivers personalized guidance based on continuous patient data and optimizes the timing of dietitian’s support.

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Vitadio seamlessly integrates behavioural, psychological and clinical data as well as information on interactions with the app. The unique set of inputs serves as a basis for truly personalized care.


Internal team of data scientists, clinicians and psychologists work together to translate data into actionable insights. The platform measures patient’s response and iterates towards the most effective approach.


Vitadio delivers personalized support at the right time via the right channel. Proactive support of a registered dietitian via chat, interactive courses, daily to-do list and notifications are tailored to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Our results
-0.8 DCCT Average HbA1c reduction Patients improve glycemic control and confidence in managing diabetes.
-5 kg Average body-weight reduction Patients achieve significant weight loss and sustain the results.
9.6/10 Overall satisfaction Patients report high satisfaction and improved wellbeing.
Healthcare payers

The impact of HbA1c reduction on cost savings

Flatten the trajectory of disease progression by targeting the root cause of cardiometabolic diseases - behaviours. Vitadio drives proven reduction in the costs of hospitalizations associated with health complications, optimize utilization of supplies and medication and improve patients’ quality of life.

Number of insured
500 000
Enrollment rate
25 %
Affected by prediabetes and type 2 diabetes:
Annual healthcare expenditures:
Annual cost savings:
Pharmaceutical industry

Support patients beyond pills

Deliver complex care at scale

Combining lifestyle support with medication drives superior outcomes and satisfaction.

Increase medication adherence

Medication reminders and improved accountability have a significant impact on adherence.

Enhance physician-patient relationships

Improve the effectiveness of treatment and foster relationships between physicians and patients.

Vitadio - Support patients beyond pills

Easy to implement

Physician onboarding

We provide physicians with onboarding materials and active support.

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Patient referral

Physician can send invitation from own secure dashboard with one click of a button.

Filling gaps with data

Patient can allow physician to see her progress and health data to adjust treatment.

Target the risk group

We help you identify members who are most likely to suffer from diabetes using a standardized digital screening tool or available data.

Individual campaign

Our marketing experts help tailor the campaign to your target audience with the aim to effectively reach at-risk patients.

Everything under control

Vitadio delivers best possible treatment and keeps you up to date with aggregated reports on engagement and results.

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Pay only for outcomes achieved

We don’t charge anything if patients don't engage after enrollment. Our performance-based contracts reward the achievement of outcomes that have direct economic impact.

Compliant and secure

Vitadio is built to comply with the highest healthcare industry standards. We take privacy of our members seriously and store data securely in the EU in line with GDPR and local data protection laws.

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