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Prescription lifestyle intervention for cardiometabolic diseases

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Why Digital Therapeutics?

The role of behaviors, including dietary habits and exercise, in the development and progression of type 2 diabetes and other cardiometabolic diseases is well established. These behavioural determinants are resistant to change, but the use of behavioral therapy has been proven clinically effective and is a fundamental aspect of diabetes care. However, our healthcare system is not organized to provide comprehensive behavioral therapy at the scale needed.

Despite clinical guidelines consistently recommend physicians facilitate behavioral interventions, they often lack the ability to provide or prescribe effective behavioral therapy to their patients. Digital solutions connecting diabetic patients and their physicians, providing individualized education and guidance were found to be the most effective in delivering behavioural change and improving glycemic control.

The concept of digital therapeutics comprises software designed for the treatment and prevention of diseases that enables the delivery of behavioral therapy at scale. It meets strict regulatory standards in healthcare and can be prescribed by physicians and reimbursed by healthcare payers like a traditional medication.

Targeting the most common conditions


32 million Europeans have prediabetes which will likely become Type 2 diabetes within 10 years. Most are not aware of the condition.

Type 2 Diabetes

Average annual medical costs of a European patient with diabetes are 2 800 € higher compared to a non-diabetic patient.


In Europe, 50% of the population is overweight and 21 % is obese (WHO). Obesity dramatically increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Hypertension in pipeline

Hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases that cause nearly 50% of all deaths in populations of industrialized countries aged 35-64 years.

Supporting patients between doctors’ visits

Vitadio complements medication treatment and provides support in sustainable lifestyle change. Patients can share medical data with their physicians through a secure dashboard.

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Evidence-based approach

Content and recommendations in programmes are in line with official ADA/EASD guidelines.

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Expert advice at the right time

Vitadio works only with registered dietitians with a university degree and several years of experience who receive regular training in the latest therapeutic methods.

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Secure software as a medical device

Our system fulfills strict regulatory requirements and ensures the highest data security and privacy standards.

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Data-driven personalisation

Each patient’s unique and dynamic digital footprint, derived from his interactions with Vitadio, allows for personalised and targeted care.

Our results
-0.8 DCCT Average HbA1c reduction Patients improve glycemic control and confidence in managing diabetes.
-5 kg Average body-weight reduction Patients achieve significant weight loss and sustain the results.
9.6/10 Overall satisfaction Patients report high satisfaction and improved wellbeing.
ongoing clinical research

Feasibility and effectivity of digitally enabled dietary coaching in patients undergoing a weight-loss..

University hospital Olomouc

Digitally enabled lifestyle intervention for treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes – a pilot study

Moje ambulance

“I’m glad my patients can use Vitadio program. It doesn’t promise miraculous weight loss, miraculous food or supplements, but it works on gradual changes in patients’ habits that are permanent. I found that majority of my patients signed to the program had better insulin compensations and weight loss (1–10 kg). I’m happy about the results of my patients and I would like to recommend the program to other patients with diabetes mellitus.”

MUDr. Jana Houdová Diabetes clinic Česká Lípa

Our advisory board

Prof. MUDr. Alexandra Jirkovská, CSc. - Vitadio
Prof. MUDr. Alexandra Jirkovská, CSc. Internal medicine Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine Board member of European Foot Study Group Board member of Czech Diabetes Society
Mgr. Jana Eliášová - Vitadio
Mgr. Jana Eliášová Nutrition Representative of Czech association of nurses
Mgr. Bc. Martina Karbanová - Vitadio
Mgr. Bc. Martina Karbanová Nutrition Member of Czech Association of Registered Dietitians
PhDr. Šárka Slabá, Ph.D. - Vitadio
PhDr. Šárka Slabá, Ph.D. Psychology General University Hospital in Prague Board member of Czech Diabetes Society