How it works

A step towards a healthy lifestyle

We'll guide you on your journey to better self-management using proven scientific methods in a way that you'll enjoy.

  1. Enter the programme

    You will receive your registration code by email and SMS. Enter the code into the Android / iOS mobile app to create a user account.

    During the first week you will connect with a personal therapist who will guide you through the entire program.

    Enter the programme - Vitadio
  2. Intensive support

    For the next three months, you'll have an intensive program focused on building sustainable habits and adjusting your lifestyle. The programme includes interactive lessons, monitoring tools and tailored challenges. A nutritional therapist will be available to chat with you anytime directly in the app.

    Intensive support - Vitadio
  3. Maintaining results

    After a 3-month intensive program, you will progress to a 9-month maintenance phase. The habits you acquire during the first 3 months are further consolidated. All the features in the app will still be available to you. You continue to stay in contact with your nutrition therapist, plus a discussion group with other users.

    Maintaining results - Vitadio

What can you expect?

Blood sugar boundaries

Keeping glycaemia under control is the primary goal of diabetes self-management. With the right support, you can manage your diabetes with greater ease and confidence.

You won't be alone

In the app, you can contact your nutrition therapist at any time. You can share your successes, advice and tips with other alumni in a private discussion group.

Healthy habits

You will enrich yourself with healthy habits that fit into your daily routine. After all, the goal is not just to watch your blood sugar, but also to have more energy, better quality sleep and a better mood.

Just like in the app, we'll give you quick advice here.

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